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You can always find on-street parking

When should I arrive

Please come on time.
Coming later might shorten your session.
Coming early may become inconvenient if I haven’t finished with the previous client in the waiting room.


You will remove your clothes from the waist up and you will lie face down.
The FMM is practiced almost solely on the back and I use unscented high quality massage vegetable oil that doesnโ€™t leave stains.
You can keep your pants or skirt on, or take them off to feel more comfortable.
Often you will need to have the upper part of your buttocks exposed, to work on your glutes. Your legs will be covered.

Music - Talking

Your first session will be mostly without music, since I have a lot to tell you, and some things to hear from you.
One of my very few negative reviews was very short: ‘He talks too much’ ๐Ÿ™‚

In order for you to have results that don’t just last for the day, I will help you understand what keeps you contracted and how to unfold.

Don’t expect a spa-type session where with the use of soft but indifferent music and soft strokes you will hopefully fall into a reviving nap. You will need to breathe in a certain way, and be present in your body while I work on you. We are looking to enhance your body-mind connection.
I will be participating in this and guiding you.

From session 2 and onwards there will be music. I don’t play blunt, sleep inducing music like in most spas and massage therapy practices. I almost always play soft and emotional songs with some meaning. If a song brings out memories or emotions, that is something desirable most of the time. It helps you feel and connect to your body.
Nevertheless, don’t expect a profound emotional experience. Those are rare during the FMM. Just more contact.

Occasionally, someone may ask me to not play music at all or to play just instrumental music. I can accommodate either.

Do you do full-body massages?

I don’t do ‘massages’ ๐Ÿ™‚
I practice the Functional Muscle Manipulation, a specific therapeutic technique, with specific goals: To release your chronically contracted muscles mostly next to your spine, in order to get you rid of your pains, improve your flexibility, improve your quality of life.

What if I want a 90 mins massage?

I practice the Functional Muscle Manipulation.
The sessions are 55 mins long, including getting undressed and dressed. In total you will be in my practice for a bit more than an hour.
The reasons why the session is shorter than other types of massages:
It is focused work for both the therapist and the client. The client participates, works with the therapist.
Keeping ‘contact’, being present in other words, is like a work out to your nervous system.
The therapy works by releasing the back muscles next to the spine. Not on all your body.
Although shorter, the FMM will relieve you much more than any other type of massage you have tried or may try in the future.

I offer an option of an FMM session and a reflexology session together, for a total of 90 mins of bliss. Ask me about that.

How is the Functional Muscle Manipulation different?

We understand that your ‘tight spots’, your chronic muscle spasms, are a misguided defense mechanism based in your autonomic nervous system.
In other words, we contract because we have been hurt (mostly emotionally) and when that happens repeatedly at an early age, we stay contracted to survive the pain and then we stop feeling our body to try and get on with our lives.

Instead of waging a war against your body’s defenses, the FMM negotiates, teaches, relieves.
You will become much more in contact with your body’s rcations and you will gradually learn to control them.

What is Foot and Macro Reflexology?

With Reflexology we work on parts of the body such as the foot to address other parts and functions of the body distaly, in a concept similar to acupuncture but without needles.
I learned Reflexology to address the acute stage of a muscular problem and it works great for that. I also use it to balance out the autonomic nervous system when there is lots of anxiety or a need for deeper relaxation.
The Macro part of my technique refers to working on more areas than the typical Foot Reflexology when needed, such as the shins, arms, hands, ears.
Although the FMM and Reflexology go very well together, the 90 mins session of the combined two techniques is not necessary if not for specific reasons which we could discuss.

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